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Introduction to our plant vectors

Most of the binary constructs we built for Agrobacterium plant transformation are based on the pPZP200 backbone (see below). These constructs carry one of the three most frequently used plant marker genes, selectable with kanamycin, hygromycin or phosphinotricin (Basta). These genes were cloned toward the left border of the T-DNA.

Our constructs also include E. coli high copy number plasmids, useful for transient gene expression in plant cells. When relevant Gateway vectors conform with the rfA conversion rules.

Gateway plasmid accessions built by other groups are available from our stocks.

This distribution of Gateway vectors is supported by the Plant Genome Editing group of the VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology.

pPZP200 Binary Vector for plant transformation


  • Border of the pTiT37 T-DNA (nopaline)
  • bom site of pBR322 (mobilization from E. coli to Agrobacterium)
  • col E1 origin of replication in E. coli
  • pVS1 origin of replication in Agrobacterium
  • Bacterial marker is spectinomycin
  • pUC18 multiple cloning site (MCS)

Image of the pPZ200 binary vector.